Dragonbane Asia Accounts for Sale

UIDVIPMain ClassMain LevelServer2GS3GS4GSValuation (USD)Asking (USD)Status
UIDVIPMain ClassMain LevelServer2GS3GS4GSValuation (USD)Asking (USD) Status
DBA000111Swordsman1174-Dante, Freja, Luna, KincadeSargus, Greenbeard, Pritchett, Elizabeth, Maleficent, Zel, Brenda, Gabriel, Eva $73500$7000 Available
DBA000210Swordsman1204Rexx, Lesley, Salama, Frelia, Helena, Lesley Dante, Freja, Luna, Kincade, Asuka, Ursula Maleficent, Pritchett, Elizabeth, Eva, Pugna, Gabriel, Gorn, Brenda $50500$6000Available
DBA00039Swordsman1163Nurgle, Nana, Robert, SalamaFrejaPritchett, Elizabeth, Eva $7000$1000 Available
DBA00049Berserker1114Rexx, Nurgle, Rosa, Lesley, Salama--$5000$800 Available
DBA00058Berserker1164Lesley, Salama Dante, Asuka, Luna Elizabeth, Eva $6500$1200 Available
DBA00069Swordsman1164Nurgle, SalamaFreja, DanteElizabeth, Pritchett, Eva$8000$1600 Available
DBA00079Hunter1123Frelia, Helena, Lesley, RexxDante, Asuka, Kincade, Salama, LunaPritchett, Maleficent$13500$3000 Available
DBA000811Berserker1175NurgleAsuka, Luna, Ursula, Maleficent, Gorn, Tony, Elizabeth, Brenda, Gabriel, Maurin, Tartarus$74500$8000Sold
DBA00099Swordsman1157Helena, Lesley, SalamaDante, Kincade, Elizabeth, LunaEva$9000$3000 Available
DBA00108Hunter1135Frelia, Mr Chen, SalamaAsuka, Kincade, Luna, UrsulaEva$7500$2500 Available
DBA00119Swordsman1134Frelia, Helena, Salama, Nurgle, LesleyDante, Freja, Asuka, LunaEva, Pugna, Brenda, Pritchett, Elizabeth$18500$3000Sold
DBA00129Berserker1114Mr Chen, Lesley, SalamaKincade, Asuka, LunaZel, Eva$10500Offer Available
DBA00139Swordsman11410-LunaGabriel, Pritchett, Maleficent$13000$3000 Available
DBA00149Hunter1161Frelia, Lesley, Nana, SalamaDante, Freja, LunaElizabeth, Pritchett, Eva$10000$2000 Available
DBA001510Swordsman1182-Freja, Dante, LunaGabriel, Maleficent, Elizabeth, Eva$34000$3000 Available
DBA00169Swordsman1161-Dante, Asuka, LunaPritchett, Eva$10000$1600 Available
DBA001711Berserker10417Lesley, HelenaDante, Asuka, Freja, Luna, Ursula
Eva, Sargus, Maleficient, Pugna, Gabriel, Elizebeth, Pritchet$69500Offer Available
DBA00188Swordsman10217-Ursula, Luna, AsukaPritchett, Maleficent, Gabriel$12500$1000 Available
DBA00196Hunter9615Helena, Frelia, Salama, NanaLuna, KincadeZel, Eva$5000$300 Available
DBA00205Berserker9415SalamaAsukaEva$1250Offer Available
DBA00219Berserker1143Mr Chen, Lesley, Rosa, SalamaUrsula, Freja, AsukaEva, Maleficent$10500$1500 Available
DBA00229Swordsman1125Helena, Lesley, Salama, Mr Chen, NurgleLuna, Freja, DanteEva, Pritchett$10000$2000 Available
DBA00239Hunter1133Helena, Lesley, SalamaDante, Kincade, ElizabethEva$7000Offer Available
DBA00249Hunter1133Frelia, Mr Chen, SalamaLothar Grim, Asuka, Kincade, LunaEva$10000Offer Available
DBA00259Hunter1083Helena, Lesley, SalamaUrsula, Kincade, LunaZel, Eva$10500Offer Available
DBA00264Hunter10513Mr Chen, HelenaLuna, AsukaEva$3125$400Available
DBA00276Swordsman10813Nana, SalamaFrejaPritchett, Elizabeth, Eva$2500$700Available
DBA00288Berserker11410-Freja, AsukaGabriel, Maleficent, Eva, Elizabeth$9500$2500Available
DBA00299Hunter11211-Luna, AsukaPritchett, Maleficent, Zel, Gorn, Eva, Elizabeth$18000$3000Available
DBA00305Berserker10711Mr ChenAsukaEva, Maleficent-$300Available
DBA00319Hunter1117Helena, Lesley, SalamaUrsula, Kincade, LunaEva$9000$3000Available
DBA00325Berserker10416Mr Chen, SalamaFrejaEva$1250$300Available
DBA003510Swordsman12016Frelia, HelenaFreja, Dante, LunaPritchett, Maleficent, Maurin, Brenda, Eva, Gabriel, Toto, Tartarus$42500$6000Available
DBA003610Druid10816Frelia, Mr ChenFreja, Elaine, Luna, DanteGorn, Maleficent, Brenda, Pugna$44000Pending

Account IDs are hidden. In order to be discreet, only UIDs are shown. Valuation is derived from VIP valuation + Comps valuation.

Read here on Why you should buy Dragonbane accounts instead of building from scratch.

How to take over an account?
Step1: Choose an account you are interested in, contact us here with its UID.
Step2: We will reveal that account ID to you, you are to get in touch with the owner directly and verify the inventory of the account.
Step3: Discuss and agree on the selling price, transfer + handover of account.

During transaction, buyer is to verify the account and seller is to settle the payment with the buyer directly.
We do not earn a dime from this service, hence we shall not be held responsible should anything goes wrong.

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