Dragon Bane

Dragon Bane is an instance-based MMORPG for iOS / Android developed by Digital Sky. It is currently available as a free download from both the App Store and Playstore. Within the game, it carries a number of in-app purchases. A pretty easy-to-follow tutorial is embedded within the game itself. Newbies in this game will have no worry about being lost in game. As the game progresses, you will have chance to lay your hands on stronger companions to walk you through the campaigns. Looking forward to getting new comps and unlocking new features will keep you interested in the game for awhile.

Companions: New companions can be easily recruited after you accumulated enough reputation and completed certain quests. Or you can get them through mercenary. There are multiple unique companions that can only be recruited via in-app purchases. Strong heroes such as Freja, Dante, and support heroes such as Luna, are all available only via purchasing from the mall. Super powerful comps such as Sargus and Gorn, can only be recruited via rumor and exploration. Dias are required for both rumor and exploration, and as per any explore comps, the dias required is unknown. Be prepared to burn a hole in your pocket if you are after these comps. Definitely not easy to get them!

Guild: Guild is one of the interesting and must-have feature in MMORPG. Dragon Bane have its own unique Guild feature, that comprises of Guild Instances, Quests, Tavern, Academy, Ring Boss, etc. The disappointing part of this feature is that, its been months since this guild feature is implemented, however until now, the Guild Market is still NOT unlocked.

Player vs Player: Competitive PVP features in the game includes Arena, Cross-realm solo PVP, Cross Realm Team PVP, Guild War, Cross Realm Cup, Cross Realm Battleground, War of Destiny. All these will actually make players compete with each other for the highest honor in the rankings.

Final Note: The key to play this game is all about being patient and spend the daily collected dias wisely. Spending free dias can be more satisfying and fulfilling than spending purchased dias. Eventually you will catch up on the rankings. Or you can speed up the process by spending money via in-app purchases. Bugs are inevitable, however one big flaw in this game is, as the game progresses, the events are always about dias purchase. If you are playing the game recently, the developer seemed trying very hard enticing players to buy diamonds. Are the developers really so hungry? After so many complaints on the DB official forum, they probably are!